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Red Dot 101


The Red Dot 101 course was designed for those who are either brand new to pistol optics or shooters having a difficult time zeroing and / or seeing the dot quickly (or at all).

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This course is designed to be completed in 1-2 hours and with about 1-200 rounds of ammunition. In it, shooters new to pistol optics will first learn how to zero their optic to a defensive zero distance. Next, you’ll learn techniques to properly draw and present the pistol to quickly acquire the dot, placing the shot where you intend it to go. And lastly, we’ll work with the shot timer to gauge draw time, dot acquisition speed and accuracy when it all comes together!

There are no prerquisites to the Red Dot 101 course

Many people who are not actually familiar with & have never fired a pistol with a red dot believe that pistol optics are "cheating" or some form of trickery that magically makes the shooter more accurate. Nothing can be further from the truth. Transitioning from traditional front/rear sighting to pistol optics takes time and can actually be quite frustrating without some guidance. These are the areas we found were most difficult for those new to pistol optics, and where we will focus during the course:

1.  Zeroing the optic:
This first step is crucial in order to save you both extreme frustration and ammo

2.  Finding the dot:
Pistol optics are not just "point & shoot". Oftentimes, the dot can be difficult to find, even
for experienced red dot shooters

3.  Speed & accuracy drills:
After getting well acquainted with your new optic, we'll put everything together using
the shot timer to gauge and build upon your new skill set

Here is a complete list of things to bring with you:

Pistol Semi-auto
Ammo 2-300rds
Mags 2 Minimum
Holster Optional
Ear Pro NRR 24dB +
Eye Pro Ballistic Rated
Shoes Close-toed
Water 32oz Minimum
Snacks Recommended
Hat Recommended
Sunscreen Recommended

All courses are taught at a private range located approximately 20 minutes W of the Twin Peaks/I-10 exit

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Private Lesson, Group of 2, Group of 3, Group of 4

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