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100RD C.Q.D


The 100 Round C.Q.D Defensive Pistol Course was developed from material taught by some of the top firearms Instructors in the World, to give you the most effective life-saving defensive training possible, in just 2 boxes of ammo!

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This Course is designed to be completed in 1-2 hours and with just 100 rounds of ammunition. In it, you will learn the technique of Retention shooting, designed to be used against an imminent deadly threat. You need not be a skilled pistol-fighter or even an accurate shooter to benefit from this course, but you must comfortable drawing/holstering from concealment.

The Pistol Basics course is HIGHLY recommended prior to this course

The 100 Round C.Q.D course is designed to teach you how to defend yourself against (and ultimately stop) an iminent threat from doing you harm and/or taking your life.
The training excercises all happen from the entangled or "clinched" position meanning, after the altercation has already ensued and an assailant is within arms reach
or has already gotten ahold of you. You will primarily learn the skills of:

1.  Retention shooting:

This technique allows you to maintain control of and over your firearm in a Close Quarters Defense (C.Q.D) altercation

2.  Point shooting:

Learning to put shots on target, quickly, without focusing on your sights

Here is a complete list of things to bring with you:

Pistol Your EDC
Ammo 100rds
Mags 2 Minimum
Holster Optional
Ear Pro NRR 24dB +
Eye Pro Ballistic Rated
Shoes Close-toed
Water 32oz Minimum
Snacks Recommended
Hat Recommended
Sunscreen Recommended

All courses are taught at a private range located approximately 20 minutes W of the Twin Peaks/I-10 exit

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Private Lesson, Group of 2, Group of 3, Group of 4

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