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The Carbine Maintenance Course was developed to teach you to properly clean & maintain your AR-style carbine rifle.

This course is designed to be completed in about an hour. In it, you will learn how to field-strip your AR-style carbine rifle, identify and differentiate between legitimate damage and normal wear & tear, and properly clean & lube key areas/contact points.

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There are no prerequisites to the Carbine Maintenance course

You will learn how to properly clean & maintain your AR-style carbine rifle - from field-striping to complete disassembly/clean/reassembly as well as what cleaning solvents and oils/lubes to use and why

Here is a complete list of things to bring with you:

Carbine AR-style
Supplies Cleaner, Oil
Eye Pro Ballistic Rated

This course can be taught at your home or at an agreed-upon location